Razor Wire


Roofings Limited introduced a new product; non-electrified razor wire for security and safety purposes. Roofings is the sole manufacturer of this product in Uganda, made of the highest quality galvanized wire. and and aluminium zinc plums.

The Ultra Barb Profile is:

  • Sharper
  • Difficult to cut
  • Rigid

The new Ultra Barb profile incorporates:

  • A wide central steel band that provides additional rigidity to the coils
  • Blades which are more substantial and effective
  • 30 mm tip-to-tip and 42 mm Centre-to-Centre
  • Improved product design means less spirals are required for the same performance
  • Roofings can manufacture from 350mm up to 980mm diameter

Applications include security barriers and fencing.

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Additional information

Diameter (mm)

400, 450, 700

Stretchable Length (m)

10, 8, 7

Number of loops - G24 blade

54, 44, 48

Number of loops - G26 blade

60, 50, 56


7, 7, 10