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The beginning!

With an initial investment of US$ 2 million in 1995, a workforce of 60 people, and 3000 square meters of covered area, Dr. Lalani envisioned building something he could take pride in—a contribution to his beloved country. Recognizing the need for quality construction materials that would withstand the test of time, his dream centered around strengthening the nation.


Aligned with this vision, Dr. Lalani also prioritized community and sustainable development. This ethos has remained the DNA of Roofings Group’s operations as we have grown together over the years. Today, with over US$ 350 million in investment, a team of 2000 employees, and more than 32000 square meters of covered area, the dream still thrives.

Vision: To be an Accelerator for a Sustainable Africa




In Investment


Square Meters Covered

The Story of One Thousand Elephants

The Elephant Brand

If one elephant can lift a rock, envision the possibilities when a thousand elephants unite.

Our mission is clear: to cultivate a legacy of unquestionable quality in construction materials for the next thousand years. Driven by a deep commitment to fortify, empower, and uplift the communities within and around us, together, we are building a foundation that will contribute to a robust and sustainable Africa.

At the core of our success lies the essence of Ubuntu – the spirit of togetherness. Through purposeful partnerships, we harness collective wisdom, fostering a shared vision for progress. This journey is not merely ours; it is one that we embark on hand in hand with you. As we march forward, a thousand elephants strong, we forge a path that safeguards our collective interests and ensures prosperity for generations to come.

Let us draw inspiration from the mighty strength of these elephants, knowing that together, we possess the power to accomplish great feats. With unwavering determination, we will shape a stronger, more sustainable Africa.

“The journey to 1,000 years of growth commences with the strides we embrace in the present moment”

Strength of A Nation

Our Footprint



Launched in 1995, Roofings Limited was the anchor that helped establish the other subsidiaries that make up the Roofings Group. The Roofings Limited Lubowa factory, which also acts as the group’s administrative head office, focuses on sheets, HRC, wire-rods, guard rails and trading items.

Roofings Limited also hosts Roofings Polypipes, which was commissioned in 2012 to produce construction plastic pipes of various dimensions and PVC, HDPE and PPR fittings used in plumbing, drainage management and in electrical installations.

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Roofings Rolling Mills (RRM) is one of the largest and most modern steel complexes operating in East and Central Africa. Based in the industrial park, RRM is strategically located to serve both the  Ugandan market and other African markets.

With the Cold Rolling Mill Complex, RRM can be able to serve specialised or customised needs for flat products of Pickled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils Annealed, Al-zinc Coils and Pre-painted Coils. RRM also houses the state of the art Reinforcement Bars (Rebars) Mills producing high world class quality Rebars of TMX 500C.  In addition, with the best technology, RRM manufactures hot dipped galvanised wire fit for making fencing products.

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The decision for Roofings to enter the Kenyan market was guided by the growing demand for quality products. Roofings Group has grown exponentially over the last 3 decades on the back of our ethical business practices, high level of technology deployed, and continuous investment in capacity expansion. It is with the same promise in mind that we bring to you Roofings Kenya Limited (RKL).

Roofings Kenya comprises the Nairobi office, Mombasa factory, and the Roofings Outlet in Kisumu, providing access to our complete product portfolio.

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To extend our arm of operations away from the main plants and factories, we have four outlets: Jinja outlet, Mbarara outlet, Industrial Area Outlet and Banda Outlet.



In a bid to streamline and extend our operations, we have also established franchise partnerships in Gulu with Harree Hardware and in Arua Park with Mukalwe Entr.



We have a strong dealership network of over 150 dealers who are committed to serving the nation with our quality products under our standardized guidance.


Meet The Team


Roofings Limited - First Manufacturing license

Workforce of 60 people and 3000 sq meters. Production of Iron sheets. 2m dollars

Roofings Rolling Mills started

RRM is one of the largest and most modern steel complexes operating in East and Central Africa. This includes phase 1, the 12,000 tonnes/annum wire galvanizing plant, and Phase 2, the melt shop, with a capacity of 108,000 tonnes/annum

Roofings Polypipes

Designed for the production of PVC, PPR, and HDPE pipes and PYC fittings used in plumbing, drainage and in electrical installations.

Roofings Cold Rolling Mill Phase 3

150,000 tonnes per year cold rolling mill (Phase III)

Cold rolling mill expansion phase 4

An extra 120,000 tonnes per year expansion of the cold rolling mill (Phase IV)