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Expanded Metal Lath

Expanded Metal Lath

Roofings AZED expanded metal lath is manufactured using high quality AZED sheets with exact gauges ensuring outstanding tensile strength against stress at any angle. Applications: Expanded metal is used for concrete and ceiling reinforcement.

Applications include:

  • Residential Slabs
  • Concrete Bridge Columns
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Fabrication Work
  • Retaining Walls
  • Precast Structures
  • Industrial Slabs
  • Fencing
  • For construction works like concrete ceilings, aggregate sieving.
  • Agriculture, for making pig sty and chicken pens, rabbit pens.
  • Industrial application such as machine guards, vehicle bodies.
  • Domestic application such as trays for utensils, ventilations, restaurant chairs.
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8*4*1.2MM(PTICH1*2), 8*4*1.2MM(PTICH1/2*1)