Angles (Hot & Cold Rolled)

Angles (Hot & Cold Rolled)


Applications of cold rolled angles include:

  • Fencing
  • Bracing
  • Furniture
  • Automobile Bodies

Applications of hot rolled angles include:

  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Racks & Shelves
  • Beds
  • Bicycle
  • Carriers
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Intended Use

For Fencing, For Bracing, For Furniture, For Automobile Bodies


20*20*3MM*6M, 25*25*2.5MM*6M, 25*25*3MM*6M, 30*30*2.5MM*6M, 30*30*2MM*6M, 30*30*3MM*6M, 40*40*2.5MM*6M, 40*40*3MM*6M, 40*40*4MM*6M, 40*40*5MM*6M, 40*40*6MM*6M, 40*40*2MM*6M, 50*50*3MM*6M, 50*50*4MM*6M, 50*50*5MM*6M, 50*50*6MM*6M, 60*60*4MM*6M, 60*60*5MM*6M, 60*60*6MM*6M, 70*70*6MM*6M, 70*70*7MM*6M, 75*75*6MM*6M, 80*80*6MM*6M, 80*80*8MM*6M, 100*100*6MM*6M, 100*100*8MM*6M, 100*100*10MM*6M, 100*100*12MM*6M