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Strength of a Nation


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  • Guard Rails

  • Wood Finish

  • Roofings TMX 500 C

  • PVC Fascia board

"I had a dream to build something I could be proud of, decades later, I am a part of something we can all be proud of." - Dr. Sikander Lalani

Why the elephant? It speaks to everything that Roofings Group lives for and by.

In the journey towards a sustainable Africa, we are determined to be a partner with the community to ensure availability of quality construction materials.

Welcome To The Most Environmentally Friendly Plant in East Africa

The Story of One Thousand Elephants

If one elephant can lift a rock, imagine what a thousand elephants can achieve. There is a journey that MUST start today.

The journey to a thousand years of unquestionable quality construction material. The journey to strengthen, empower and enrich the communities within and around us. The journey to build for, and be part of a strong and sustainable Africa.

Our strength lies in the partnerships we create with the communities – ubuntu. Our success lies in the journey we choose to take – together.
This is the journey of a thousand elephants – one that we are proud to be part of and – one that begins with you and us.

The dream to build this nation can only be achieved if we act as one; together. We must work as a herd to protect our interests and those of generations that will come after us.

If one elephant can lift a rock, a thousand elephants can build and strengthen this nation!

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Roofings Kenya Limited (RKL) is set to become the cornerstone of the galvanized wire sector. The decision for Roofings to enter the Kenyan market was guided by this growing demand for quality products.



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