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Building Projects

#UBUNTU - I am because we are!

We support the construction and renovation of health and education facilities including schools, hospitals and community centres

So far we have supported 10 building projects

Some of the projects supported

Modern Art Centre

We donated building materials towards the construction of a modern ecologically designed art centre in Kabalagala, Kampala. The centre will be a permanent hub for the advancement of home-grown talent. It will provide artists with world-class facilities for their work. It will host dynamic programmes and exchanges with artists from various countries. The art centre is designed to have a library, 6 artists’ studios, a cafe and art shop, accommodation, and a gallery.

Palliative Care Centre

We donated building materials towards the construction of a palliative care center in Jinja City. The center has a capacity of housing up to 40 terminally ill patients. This will be the first care in Uganda to provide free services to terminally ill patients. By being the pioneering establishment, it sets a precedent for compassionate care. It will serve as a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing difficult circumstances.

Lake Bunyonyi SS

We supported renovation of a classroom block in Lake Bunyonyi SS housing 3 classrooms and a staff room by providing roofing materials. The building were roofed with asbestos which are deemed to be a health hazard. The classrooms accommodate 200 students in total.