Selfless Giving: A Key Highlight for our CSI Engagements in July

Selfless Giving: A Key Highlight for our CSI Engagements in July

When God (Allah) instructed Ibrahim to sacrifice his ONLY son Isaac, he showed extreme obedience and willingness in doing what the Lord requires. And while at it, the Lord saw and accepted his faith, obedience, and effort, and gave him an option.

As we shared a few photographic moments with the Islamic leaders in Bunamwaya for the bull we had supported them with for their Eid Al Adha celebrations, our CSI team felt, more than ever, encouraged and motivated to live up to the founding spirit of ubuntu and selfless giving, a possible calling from the Lord for our founders.

The elders were more than thankful for the intervention because, as they had shared, had no other options considering the impact that the pandemic had pushed down on their financials.

This was within the same week where our CSI team, once again, stepped in to support our communities in Namanve. Dubbed COVID relief Phase 3, our team ‘covered’ 28 families with groceries to take them through this strong but necessary lock-down. These are families that are strongly attached to Roofings Group. The children in these families are fully sponsored by our Forever Education arm, in ‘our’ lovely Nantabulirwa Primary School, near Roofings Namanve. Having undertaken the same form of intervention in the previous lock-down, it felt imperative to follow that up with another one in this similarly challenging lock-down phase.


The story of Sophie

While our team distributed these home supplies, we got time to catch up with Sophie, a student we sponsor but also support. Sophie had a heart condition that necessitated surgery and an intervention where her family could not provide. While we chatted with Sophie, her major appreciation was directed towards Nashila Lalani, our Executive Director. She could not stop praising the love and support that our E.D. offered throughout her most challenging time. Sophie could not stop emphasizing the need for the world to emulate the selflessness that Nashila expresses in support of those in need.

This was, for us, another story of motivation and encouragement to continue pushing this spirit of selfless-giving and Ubuntu within and out of the Roofings Group community.

We simply want to see more Sophies…more positively impacted lives! And yes, we can. We just need more selfless giving people, more Nashilas. Would you be willing to be part of this group of selfless givers?

As Roofings Group, we have given out in excess of 10,000 cylinders of FREE oxygen to government aided and mission-based hospitals in support of the fight against this pandemic.

And while this covers Roofings Group as an individual, this blog post seeks to invoke you…you the reader…as an individual, to think about selfless giving!

We plan on having more engagements with different communities. We plan on being a reason that more people smile. We will continue doing more and giving more in the next months. But we need you to realise that if do this together, we achieve more!

“If one elephant can lift one rock, 1000 elephants can build this nation!”

Chip in whenever you can!