Our History

Roofings group at a glance.

Cool Timeline


Roofings: The Beginnings

Founded by Dr. Sikander Lalani under license of the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Roofings Group launched operations in 1994 and has not looked back ever since. Roofings group offers a one stop service and diversified product shop for the entire steel and plastic industry in East and Central Africa. “I had a dream to build something I could be proud of, decades later, I am a part of something we can all be proud of.” – Chairman Lalani.


Roofings Limited

Launched in 1995, Roofings Limited was the anchor that helped established the other two subsidiaries that make up the Roofings Group.


Roofing Rolling Mills (Hot Rolling Mill)

In 1976, Sikander Lalani then living in Rwanda had a dream, a big dream to build a factory for metallic roofing materials unlike any other.   A vision that he carried and birthed into the 145 million Roofings Rolling Mills. Commissioned in 2010 is a hot rolling mill with the capacity to produce 72.000 metric tonnes of high tensile TMT bars and twisted bars.  


Roofings Polypipes

This factory which was commissioned in 2012 is specifically designed for the production of PVC and HDPE pipes of various dimensions and PVC fittings used in plumbing, drainage management and in electrical installations.


Roofings Rolling Mill (Cold Rolling Mill)

Commissioned in 2013. is the cold rolling mill with a capacity of 120.000 metric tonnes per annum for the production of AZED iron sheets and AZED coloured sheets.