About Our Tree Planting Tripartite with Stanbic & Total, our DNA on Giving and so much more.

Our Ubuntu journey keeps on making those elephant strides, with every other month ushering in more hope for a better Uganda. We continue to push ourselves to create sustainable and meaningful partnerships that will accelerate our Ubuntu vision in strengthening this nation…together! “Where two or three meet in my name…” Stanbic-Total-Roofings Tripartite Agreement to Plant […]

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August 2021 – What A Month!

Our Newsletter finally got launched! The Trumpet, our quarterly Newsletter was finally rolled out and the reactions did the rounds within and without the staff. Thanks to our branding team, the Trumpet finally breathed in its earthly airs, trumpeted through the silence that usually mars the corridors of our admin blocks. It was great to […]

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Selfless Giving: A Key Highlight for our CSI Engagements in July

When God (Allah) instructed Ibrahim to sacrifice his ONLY son Isaac, he showed extreme obedience and willingness in doing what the Lord requires. And while at it, the Lord saw and accepted his faith, obedience, and effort, and gave him an option. As we shared a few photographic moments with the Islamic leaders in Bunamwaya […]

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