Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we receive.

All you need is a vaild id (passport ,national id or driving permit ).

It only comes in one gauge 28

Its 3 meters  long or 10 feet long

The longest we can cut in gauge 28 is 8 meters

Azed means aluminum & zinc coating.

Special order takes 3 working days.

Yes our prices are the same.

They are both strong according to the gauge, they all have a double coating and are all AZED sheets.

Brick Red, Black, Harvest Gold, Chocolate Brown ,Tile Red & Maroon.

Arua park , Banda on Makubya road, Jinja on spire road & industrial area 5th street.

You can pay by cash , mobile money or through EFT

Unfortunately  we don’t provide transport for our client but we have trucks for hire if your taking more than 10 tonnes within Kampala.

Yes  we do , all you need is to open up an account with us.

No , our ridges are 2 meters standard.

Yes , our discount is system generated according to the quantity.

No, you cant order on line.

We have them in 6 meters and 5.6 meter depending on the thickness.

Yes we do, loacted on Plot 208, Block 1 Kashaari Mbarara Municipality.

We open at 8:30 am & close at 5:30 pm.

We have Super Tile, Ecotile, Super Eco , Super Eco plus, Ordinary Corrugated , Super V, Super VI & Super VII

A roll is 10 meters long

We make G10 , 12.5 ,13 & 14 all come in 18 meters a roll.

Our razor wire comes in 8 meters long.

We make barbed wire in G 13, G 14, G16

We have A142, A98, A66

Our plastic gutters are 6 meters long.

Navy blue, swan cream ,pure white , brick red, black, blue ,dark green, light green, pastel green, super green slate grey & tele grey.

Yes you can , the longest being 10 meters.

Its gauge 26, thickness of 0.40 mm , size 8*2 or 6*2.

Its gauge 26, thickness of 0.40 mm , size 8*2 or 6*2.

HRC is hot rolled coils.

We have star Embossed , Eye embossed &  Chequered Mild Steel Plates