Forever Forestry

“A seed today, A forest tomorrow.”

Ideally we live in a world where the environment doesn’t need protection. Reality shows us that now more than ever it does. Africa Natural Resources Institute indicate that forest cover loss has increased to an estimate of 200,000 hectares annually only in Uganda. This is close to 500,000 acres. If we want to keep our pride high and remain the pearl of Africa, action is required from all of us immediately because the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. For this reason, we started Forever Forestry 6 years ago, a foundation focused on joining hands in re-greening Uganda at our Roofings premises. We are producing 1,000 seedlings a day which we distribute to organizations – schools –individuals and staff members free of charge.

If you are interested to join us or to receive fruit and/or wood seedlings reach out to us.

Together we can re-green Uganda and Africa. Oliver Lalani