Forever Education

“Putting children first.”

At the core of Roofings Group values is the continuous improvement in the quality and standards of the communities that build the nation. This value could not be more emphasised and secured than through the education of Uganda’s young minds.

This initiative started in 2012 when we took on a government aided primary school rehabilitation and renovation project.

As a pilot project, the school (St.Peters C.O.U) was given a deserving facelift, structures were complete and painted, fenced and an immediate sponsorship scheme was put in place.

We are proud to be able to;

  • Provide yearly sponsorship to over 17 vulnerable orphans.
  • Supply and deliver 800 liters of purified drinking water
  • Sponsor an annual medical treatment camp
  • Repairs and maintenance of all school infrastructure such and buildings, furniture etc
  • School beautification

…And Much More.

Education in its various forms takes high precedence on our priority list. We facilitate training for our work force to equip them with the necessary skills to stay competitive in the job market, as well as for  members of the local community to enable them obtain enough qualification to get work at  Roofings.

We have consistently worked with local schools, organizing guided tours for  students, making financial contributions towards sustainable school projects and facilitating social programs such as International School of Uganda’s ‘Family runs’ over the years.

In today’s business world, a positive community footprint is more important than immediate income. Business entities ought to have the obligation to unite and build relationships within the communities where they operate. Mankind before money, Ubuntu first. Nashila Lalani, Roofings Group Director

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