The Batwa

Forever health and wellness empowered by Roofings group went to help the batwa people in Kanungu Butogota district with the help of Awori and Pastor Grace.

Roofing group has been able to donated 150 iron sheets which was to be able to help to complete the roofing of the buildings which is to be used as a multipurpose hall which is primarily a church but also will be used as shelters, a vocational center and outreach center for both the Batwa and the local community.

Kanungu where under there around  200 batwa people  live with the help of pastor grace who provided land economic  skill support in form of  rearing of pigs and fish to be able to survive in  the community.

We went  to  the location where pastor  grace had chosen and a shelter area where we  show there the sleep cook and socialize  then after we went  to the school which had of 200  children  and their class and saw some of the alternative forms of work which they were doing after being chased from the forest where some of were pig rearing fishing going  we were also about to have interview  some people like Head of the church Lc1 chairman Batwa Community leader and two children from the Bawta community.

The Batwa people are loving people as conducted IQ TEST where 12 of 20 scored highly indicating that the Batwa people are very intelligent with proper education system in place they can actually thrive  also conducted a standards of living survey to be about to assess their a standards of living index.