August 2021 – What A Month!

Our Newsletter finally got launched!

The Trumpet, our quarterly Newsletter was finally rolled out and the reactions did the rounds within and without the staff. Thanks to our branding team, the Trumpet finally breathed in its earthly airs, trumpeted through the silence that usually mars the corridors of our admin blocks. It was great to having an item that touches staff in a more personal and relatable way. Being the inaugural edition, the Trumpet was majorly introductory but given the welcome it did receive, the November edition promises to be the hit that, indeed should be. The idea is to have more staff engagements, reactions, information and recognition/spotlights as well as submissions from different places where the elephant brand is stamped. It is also in plans to have the online version a little more interactive. Elephant strides!

The Ssabagabo-Roofings partnership that kicked off with a bang!

August has also had our CSI team quite engaged with the community albeit not as much as they were in July. Our CSI team treated Makindye division councillors to a training of trainers on urban farming, with the idea that these community leaders can go back into their communities as trainers for a more sustainable co-existence of the community and the environment. The half-day engagement at our Forever Forest in Lubowa was also a door-opener for future engagements with the “Ssabagabo” division – a community in close vicinity of our Lubowa headquarters. In the forth-coming month, we will have a food relief engagement for elderly people in Bunamwaya, a community cleaning partnership and another urban farming training for the youth in Bunamwaya.

However, the idea for the rest of the year, is to create deeper and more sustainable partnerships with various communities for greater impact. We will do this to re-emphasize our commitment towards community, the environment and the nation at large.

The new elephant in the room – will be unveiled soon!

Excitement drums still sound on, getting louder by the day, as we get closer towards the official launch of our latest high profile products on the market  but we are certain it will ‘steel’ the show!

And while we continue to raise the bar high with our eve-innovating product portfolio, we cannot forget to stand with UNBS and other standards bodies in advocating for quality, standards, and consumer fairness in the construction industry.

As industry players, we are committed to abiding by these standards and producing products that are not only fair and competitive in the market but also abide by and have the highest quality standards in the market. This is the same guarantee that one should expect to see in our new product on the market. Look out for our ads and comms on the product that has got our entire team completely excited.

Back cleaner and fresher in September!

We are not going anywhere. Our brand spread is strong enough to capture your needs anywhere in the country. And whilst we are at it, doing our best to serve your needs, we will be working on getting our website to the level of expectation you deserve. In that regard, we could be away for a brief while – maybe a week or two but, we shall be back, cleaner, fresher and with a much more millennial look by the end of the new month, September.