About Our Tree Planting Tripartite with Stanbic & Total, our DNA on Giving and so much more.

About Our Tree Planting Tripartite with Stanbic & Total, our DNA on Giving and so much more.

Our Ubuntu journey keeps on making those elephant strides, with every other month ushering in more hope for a better Uganda. We continue to push ourselves to create sustainable and meaningful partnerships that will accelerate our Ubuntu vision in strengthening this nation…together!

“Where two or three meet in my name…”

Stanbic-Total-Roofings Tripartite Agreement to Plant 150,000 fruit trees in over 200 schools

This month, in a joint press conference, Stanbic, Total Energies and the usual ‘us’, launched a joint campaign to push our Forever Forestry rewilding efforts to over 200 secondary schools in the country. This is a major step up from last year’s 30,000 fruit trees campaign and the difference lies just therein: the power of partnerships! And this can and should only get better next year if we can have more elephants joining the parade.

A Follow Up on Last Year’s Tree Planting Campaign

And as we leap into this new tripartite arrangement, we want to be bigger and better. It was therefore prudent that we follow up with the different schools Stanbic managed to give our fruit-tree seedlings last year. We headed off to the east and the north to visit some of these schools that took the bulkier numbers.

Ngora High stood out! Despite being on an actual rock, these environmental enthusiasts shocked us with a more creative option to fend animals that could easily damage the young fruit trees – a challenge we had seen in all the other schools. They simply put a ‘brick wall’ around the seedlings and dropped animal waste on the top; the animals just could not bother!

Another stand out for us was the fact that schools that were built on hills like Wanyange Girls and ‘Mwiri’, despite successfully planting the fruit trees, needed more of the timber trees to support with the wind-breaking – a point that our Forever Forestry executive, David, strongly noted. In the end, it ideal to support these schools as Roofings, and strengthen their futures.

But overall, it was an encouraging follow up for our CSI team. The need and desire for these trees that our Forever Forest ‘manufactures’ is very high in all the schools we visited, an easy validation for the need to continue investing in Forever Forestry.

Covid Relief Phase 4: Bunamwaaya, Mpererwe and Missionaries For The Poor in One Go!

Our Acting Brand Manager, Bonny Tamale, had the perfect response when asked by the media on why we are still giving COVID Relief when people are back to work and whether this is a way of giving back to the community for Roofings.

“It is in DNA, as Roofings; from the Chairman all the way down, to give whenever you can, unconditionally”, Bonny told the media as we gave out relief to Bunnamwaya Community.

Indeed it is within our DNA.

It is also now, our DNA to look for such partnerships that will push our Ubuntu agenda forward.

Over the months, we have established three strong partnerships to support the elderly, teachers and differently-abled children.

The first-time we visited Missionaries of the Poor, our CSI team could not hold back their tears. As a team, our hearts were shredded into pieces as Fr. Benny took us around the mission-based home for the differently abled children and adults. We had to help!

When we went back with food relief items, it was a joy to see the happiness in the eyes of these children. It was a relief indeed.

With Bunnamwaya and Mpererwe however, our partnership with Makindye sub-division Mayor, Jacob ‘Omutuuze’ made it easy to locate 100 families of teachers and the elderly that have been heavily hit by the pandemic’s economic down-turn. We supplied food items and other household essentials to these families through the office of the Mayor.

September Top Fans Give Away

In the month where the group celebrated 27 years of existence, our digital team was not ready to simply sit this one through.

The team organised a creative and engaging campaign to reward the top three fans on our Facebook page with one million Ugandan shillings worth of Roofings material, each. With the engagement we received, this sounds like an activity we must continue having!

Food for Thought

If one elephant can drag one rock, imagine the strength of a thousand elephants in building this nation. Have you thought about joining us in our monthly CSI efforts?